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Happy birthday [profile] fastrada!!!!
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First birthday present of the day from CNN:

Milosevic found dead in cell

The world is a little less evil.
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Happy birthday to [ profile] fastrada!!
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busy busy bee this weekend. I was originally going to the nin concert in chicago, but made a last minute change-of-mind and headed to st. louis instead. [ profile] spacey_girl needed some TLC and aimee and [ profile] lisakell were celebrating their birthdays, so why the fuck not? My co-conspirator was [ profile] jbbridge, the only one who knew I was coming. But first, I met [ profile] spacey_girl for dinner and commiseration. We had the perkiest waitress ever and some good margaritas. Then I headed over to stl to surprise the birthday girls. When I arrived everyone gave me the Biggest Hug Ever, which was awesome! I quickly realized they were drunk off their asses and had already been drinking for 3 hours. I love my drunk friends! I had fun hanging out and talking with all the usual crew, drank some killer old-fashioned drinks and danced danced danced. I'm really glad I went. The only downside was getting sick and passing out too early... then waking up early in the morning and throwing up some more. stomach bile, may I never see you again. blech. Eventually I pulled myself together and hit the road back to c-u, since I had to work at 1pm. I didn't have the time or energy to shower, so I was feeling kinda nasty. The drive was rough too...especially without any caffeine or food, but I made it and was only 15 minutes late for work. I did fine for most of the afternoon, but started feeling queasy around 4:30pm. It was only a matter of time before I was gonna puke again, so I left work, went home, and crawled into bed. I slept for about 45 minutes, then got up and left to meet jessica and angie. Jess got a job in west virginia and I really wanted to see her one last time before she leaves. We had yummy food (finally, my stomach cooperated!) and conversation for a couple hours, then I went home and crashed.

Today, we had mother's brunch at Jumers, which does a pretty good impression of an olde English hunting lodge. My niece and nephew admired the enormous deer head mounted on the wall and I got a kick out of telling them that the rest of the body was sticking out the other side. After a quick trip to Sam's Club to get supplies, we arrived home the same time my brother and his girlfriend did. Hours of food, eating and playing commenced... I was enjoying myself so much that when I looked at the clock it was 5 minutes after 6pm. FUCK! I was supposed to meet Ryan and Emily at 6pm for dinner...except I never actually told Emily when and where we were meeting. I am such a disorganized scatterbrain blondie fuckhead sometimes. I called Ryan, who called Emily and it turned out fine. we had a great dinner and conversation...sitting outside because the weather was/is gorgeous. I can't believe they are graduating in less than a week and moving away. I'm gonna miss those girls!

And now, it's sleepytime.


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