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Conversation with my four year old niece today:

Her:  How old are you?
Me: 30 years old
Her:  You're that old and you're still alive?
Me: *jaw hits floor*
Her: how do you do that?
Me: It's not easy, but we manage!

It cracked me up for hours.

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ouch and ouch. [ profile] papacass and I have been putting together the world's biggest playset for 2 days. We've completed 27 out of 90 steps, not to mention the 100 little steps they don't include in the instructions. I got sunburned the first day and now my muscles are sore from repetive holding, drilling and screwing of hardware. It hurts to move, and I have much crap to get done. Anyone know a good cure for sunburn?

Happy 4th.
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At 9:15am today my parent's marriage will officially be over. They signed the settlement agreement last friday and now they just need the rubber stamp from the judge. wowowowow. I can hardly believe it's over, it's been such a big part of my life for the past 8 years or so. Mostly I'm happy for my Mom, who can finally get a life.

I"m dog/house-sitting this weekend and won't be on the net. This is good, cause my hands have been hurting me. anyways, call me on my cell if you need to reach me.

have a good one, peeps!


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