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Vet bill $132.  They gave her some active charcoal to prevent bacterial infection... cause apparently menstrual blood is full of bacteria!?!??   That sounded kind of bogus to me but I wasn't about to tell the vet not to take every possible action to make sure doggie is OK.   In general, I think these dogs are bored... their owners are much more active than me and probably play with them a few hours a day.    I guess I'm going to have to suck it up and start taking them for walks if I'm going to survive the next 8 days.  It'll be good for me....right??

Oh,and I don't get myspace.   It seems really, um, juvenile... but maybe I am missing something.  I got this message from "john" who seemed nice and friendly and normal...but when I went to his profile he loooked completely different than the photo in his message.  what the hell is that about?  

today: meeting, exercise, visit mom and see ava and lorren
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ouch and ouch. [ profile] papacass and I have been putting together the world's biggest playset for 2 days. We've completed 27 out of 90 steps, not to mention the 100 little steps they don't include in the instructions. I got sunburned the first day and now my muscles are sore from repetive holding, drilling and screwing of hardware. It hurts to move, and I have much crap to get done. Anyone know a good cure for sunburn?

Happy 4th.
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something is wrong with me. when I woke up this morning, I couldn't keep my balance very well and I started to feel dizzy right before I went to work. I started to get nauseous, so after being there for 20 minute I came home. I slept a bit and I feel better now, but if I move too quickly I get dizzy. wtf?
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Day one of South Beach and I'm already cheating... we are finishing off the bottle of Dom tonight. I had this same vintage the year of release (1999) and after 5 years and a lot of wine experience [read: drinking] I still don't like it very much. The difference is that I find it interesting, rather than blech. For the winos reading this, it has a very yeasty smell and tastes like the inhale of a really good cigarette. Hardly any bubbles. Overrated most definitely. After this glass, I won't be drinking for the next two weeks. It's a good thing my yoga class starts soon, I'll be needing peaceful vibes to keep from going crazy.

next week, I'll be the only one in the accounting office due to impending vacations and hysterectomies. It's our slow time of the year, so hopefully I can manage lots of training for the new software. I have a set of headphones for training since I sit out in the big open office area and I have been surreptitiously listening to woxy [kudos to [ profile] sadgirlseven].

I'm heading over to the bookstore to purchase something for my co-worker-soon-2B-sans-uterus. Hopefully something to entertain and amuse and generally distract from the ripping of "unnecessary" body parts. Growing old sucks.


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