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Actual news:

I do not like the idea of my journal being on Russian servers.  Sorry, but no.  Damn, this sucks.

Here's another one.

Paulson said SUP plans to spend between $10 million and $100 million on the new LiveJournal in San Francisco.

Did I read that correctly?  Between 10 and 100 MILLION?  Hi Russian mob, nice to meet you.
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Does anyone have a link with the 'candid discussion" btw Bush and Blair at the G8 summit?
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Vet bill $132.  They gave her some active charcoal to prevent bacterial infection... cause apparently menstrual blood is full of bacteria!?!??   That sounded kind of bogus to me but I wasn't about to tell the vet not to take every possible action to make sure doggie is OK.   In general, I think these dogs are bored... their owners are much more active than me and probably play with them a few hours a day.    I guess I'm going to have to suck it up and start taking them for walks if I'm going to survive the next 8 days.  It'll be good for me....right??

Oh,and I don't get myspace.   It seems really, um, juvenile... but maybe I am missing something.  I got this message from "john" who seemed nice and friendly and normal...but when I went to his profile he loooked completely different than the photo in his message.  what the hell is that about?  

today: meeting, exercise, visit mom and see ava and lorren
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wonderful, just fucking wonderful.... one of the dogs i am housesitting chewed up my used pads and ate a couple used tampons.  Not only is it disgusting to clean up, but now I have to worry about this damn dog's health.  This has happened once before, with another family I house sit for and the dog just pooped out the tampons the next day.  however, with the weekend starting tomorrow, I am so tempted to take it to the vet and leave it over the weekend....this dog is a spoiled asshole anyways and i would be happy to get rid of it for a few days.  ahhhhh!!!!   I can't fucking believe this.  
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First birthday present of the day from CNN:

Milosevic found dead in cell

The world is a little less evil.
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for the first time in 6 years, my email inbox is completely and utterly empty...meaning...I no longer have 6 months of accumulated emails in there. They are all nicely filed away in their correct folder. It only took me 2.5 hours. *boggle*
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Nick Yeagle 1978-2005

May he finally find peace.
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My canon s400 is dead. Apparently there is a widespread defect that causes the camera to stop working after 18 months or so. Mine lasted 20 months and I was able to download the photos from the Tori trip. I guess I was lucky. :( There's a lot of pissed off Canon users and I submitted my name for a class action lawsuit. In the meantime I'm camera-less. And sad.


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