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This is a download of the president of Jefferson Parish on Meet the Press. Please watch it. In a 5 short minutes, he exhibits the disbelief, heartbreak, frustration and horror of Katrina's aftermath. Powerful stuff.
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Yikes, you guys are quiet this weekend. Although there are many worthy organizations that need money, I urge you to donate to [ profile] local81. You can read about his experiences in his LJ, which I found through [ profile] danger_kitty. It sounds like he's doing some good work in an area that hasn't had much/any assistance. Other than mailing that care package on Saturday, it's the only thing that's made me feel like I'm actually helping people directly. The magnitude of this catastrophy is enormous and I think we are going to be struggling for years to recover. I haven't heard any concrete numbers on the amount of displaced peoples, but NO alone is 1/2 a million people... that's people that need homes and jobs for the next 6-12 months. I'm still in disbelief.

please, give what you can to whichever organization you feel most comfortable.
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so, the post office set up a zip code for the refugees in the astrodome. I'm going to try to send a care package today, things that will fit in a 8x11 envelope. So far I've thought of sending stuff like pens and paper. Any suggestions?

edited to add: EARPLUGS!!! It's gotta be noisy as hell in there.
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I'm wavering back and forth between tori-euphoria from the past week and horror about Katrina. The only thing that makes sense right now is listening to this
over and over and over.


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