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Did you know you can get a FREE annual credit report from each of the three credit agencies?  Yup, totally free.  Each agency will give you a report once a year.  For me, the ideal way to handle it is alternate requests every 4 months (equifax in October, transunion in February, experian in June, equifax, in October, etc etc).  That way I will always have a recent report that could provide any identity theft problems or errors sooner, rather than later.   I set up a google calendar recurring event to remind myself.

There are a lot of scam sites out there, so be sure to use

Happy Weekend!!
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I've accomplished three things this weekend

1. re-pierced my ears
2. balanced checkbook
3. downloaded a LEGAL Tori boot

#1 not as painful as I thought, #2 more painful than I thought, and #3 is about 10 years late (but better late than never).
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in the right time, right place department: Over my lunch hour I was running errands and they were discussing the rising gas prices($2.76!) on the radio. A caller mentioned that the gas station on Springfield Ave still had the old price. I happened to be in the area and sure enough, it was still $2.59. As I'm gassing the car up, the attendant comes out and starts changes the price. yikes! My new used car only takes premium, which means I'm going to be paying $2.95/gallon. I might as well be living in Europe.
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The IRS is returning $105 to me for being poor last year.

Tori is releasing live concerts.

This has been an odd day.
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why why WHY do I shop at Target? It always gets me into trouble. This time trouble was an $8 Trivial Pursuit pop culture DVD and a $14 Atari set (20 original games!). How could I pass those by? I also bought some cool stuff for my niece and nephew. Since I've been tracking my spending, I"ve started to realize how much money I spend on other the tune of $40/month. That may not sound like much, but it is for me. I should know better than to shop after work, especially since it's been a stressful week. shopping has always been a stress-reliever for me, but only in the short term. I really need to find something else.

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I got tons of good mail today! Groovyblulicious package from [ profile] spacey_girl, another glowing [deliquent free] credit bureau report, and the Suze Orman "do your own will" cd I ordered last week. And I got a bonus of $46 from work for my "team" selling the most Apple Vacations. rawk.

What's for dinner?
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we can all use some good news today, right? My first credit report arrived in the mail. My FICO score is 760, which is slightly above average. My credit history goes back 10 years and I don't have a single missed payment. That rocks. :) It also shows I've had about 12 different credit cards over that time period (most of which are closed). I must have taken that revolving credit thing a little too seriously. Until recently I wasn't aware that closing credit card accounts can actually hurt your FICO score... something to do with the debt to available credit ratio.

anyways, I'm gonna hold my breath until I get the other two bureau reports. I had some medical bills long ago that the hospital erroneously charged me [insurance, beeotch]. My mother promised to get it cleared up, but 6 years later she's "still working on it." The last time I got my credit report (about 5 years ago) it showed that account as delinquent. Hopefully, it's dropped off the radar by now.
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did you know you can get free credit reports on an annual basis? I tried to signup for mine online, but none of the credit bureaus would let me because my address did not match their records. I just finished filling out all the forms and attaching stuff like copies of [new] my driver's license and W2 forms to mail back to them. What a pain in the ass. It seems so wrong to send all my personal information to some unknown company. But if you can't trust the credit bureaus, who can you trust?

I've been reading Young, Fabulous and Broke by S. Orman. She does a really good job of addressing issues for our generation and for the most part I agree with her suggestions. The only thing that pissed me off is her advice to "work hard and never ask for a raise". Her philosophy is that your boss will notice that you are doing a good job and reward you down the line. what.the.fuck. That might have been a decent strategy back in the day when working hard paid off financially, but nowadays employers will just take advantage of people who work hard and don't ask for anything. What really irks me is that one reason women are not paid as much as men is our disinclination to negotiate and ask for what we want. If all women followed Suze's advice, the wage difference would get bigger. I understand there are historical and political reasons for the wage gap, but unless women start taking a pro-active approach we're never gonna make as much as men.


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