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the clip of Not David Bowie is divine.  DIVINE!

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Just finished writing the upgrade email for Cleveland. I didn't really know what I would say. To my surprise, I wrote about how grateful I am that Tori's music has helped me meet and make friends with people. Or rather You People. I don't say it often enough but I have awesome friends and can't imagine what I would do without you all! *smush*
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oh, ick. I just watched the video for sweet the sting. I rarely say this about Tori's stuff, but this video SUCKS.
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I will remember the presale tomorrow, I will remember the presale tomorrow, I will remember the presale tomorrow, I will remember the presale tomorrow, I will remember the presale tomorrow, I will remember the presale tomorrow, I will remember the presale tomorrow, I will remember the presale tomorrow.

not that I have any idea if I'll be getting decent seats or not... I've scoured the net for a good seating chart and nada que nada. joder.
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I just swiped this from a post on the forumz, thought ya'll might find it interesting.

On a side note.....

I used to work for Ticketmaster and what a lot of people don't know is that we would sell the shittier tickets first than the better ones. They do that because they want to fill the venue. So they don't sell BEST AVAILABLE right away, like you may think. They scatter the seats. I waited until the afternoon of when the tickets for The Detroit Opera House went on sale, and ended up getting ROW H, (but got lucky and got pit tix). Also, they always release great seats a day, or the day of the concert. Last time I saw Tori at Meadowbrook, I got Row T way off on the left side and when I got to the venue, they had Row K right in the dead center available. Just a lil' secret for you all.
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I'm trying out these new fangled tags. I still haven't decided about red rocks. If only she was playing Las Vegas this time around, I could see WWRY and Tori. Best Evah!
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Just saw this posted on the forumz, don't know if it's true or not:

Meadow Brook Music Festival - 8/28/05, 7pm
Pre-sale: 6/16 10am EST - 6/17 5pm EST
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I'm losing my mind...I thought there were pre-sales dates for the tori concerts posted somewhere and now I can't find it.

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okay I just forgave her a little bit, cause she's playing at a winery in WA. WA or Red Rocks? WA or Red Rocks?
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Fuck Tori and her stupid fucking shitty tour dates. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars to see her this tour. Why did she have to go and have a kid and thereby limit herself to 20 or so dates per "tour"? Doesn't she know she lives and breathes and fucks for her fans and her fans alone? what the fuck is she thinking??????


this entry brought to you by Self-centered Selfish Narcissistic Bitch Tantrum (tm).

so there.
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puff the magic dragon and don't dream it's over from melborne, here:
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I'm burning a bunch of CDs today. If anyone wants CD-Rs of the first leg of tori's tour, drop me a note. I have most of the shows (except orlando, dc, hartford, denver) and one of the sydney, australia show.

my tori folder is up to 11 GB. *boggle*
sassyblu: (life in plastic) has some really old tori articles. This cracked me up:

This 24-year-old Potomac minister’s daughter, a graduate of Richard Montgomery High School and a veteran Washington . D.C., piano bar performer, has taken on the guise of Y Kant Tori Read and recorded for Atlantic Records, one of the biggest labels in the world. The record, out about a month, is starting to get attention, having soared to the top of the charts in Idaho, a test market. “The Big Picture” video has made it to MTV, though it hasn’t aired on prime time yet.

Idaho?!? Soaring in Idaho? WTF?


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