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A thread over at MTF inspired me to collect my top 5 Tori shows.

1. Akron 11-28-1998 - Thoughts - Take To The Sky - Landslide (my request) - Purple People - Black Swan - RAINN auction winner for backstage passes

2. Indianapolis 11-30-1998 - Etienne (first time full version) - Flying Dutchman - When Sunny Gets Blue - Famous Blue Raincoat

3. Champaign, IL 1994 - first ever Tori concert, changed my life

4. Springfield IL 7-27-1996 - I'm on Fire - Butterfly - Landslide - A Case of You - Alamo - Whole Lotta Love - my first meet n greet and front row seat

5. Anaheim 12-15-2007 - She's Your Cocaine - Take Me With You
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The show last night was one of the better in recent memory, especially since she played Take Me with You for!  Well... probably not JUST for me, but I want my little fantasy, k?  We did the Platinum VIP package in Santa Barbara and I took my A Piano box for her to sign and told her it was a great comfort to me when I moved to Los Angeles and was homesick.  She said awwww and I could tell it meant something to her. I asked her if she could play Take Me With You be for the end of the tour and she said yes, definitely and wrote it on her hand.

We didn't have tickets for the show last night and there were SO MANY people trolling for tickets.  Seriously, it hasn't been that bad since the last show of the Plugged tour.   But thanks to Aimee's awesome timing, we snagged 2 for face value and then found a third for Jason for a few bucks cheaper than face. 

The show was GA and it was the best GA experience ever.  No pushing, clear view the entire time and Tori was so ON.    the venue allowed cameras and here is one of my better shots.
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I've accomplished three things this weekend

1. re-pierced my ears
2. balanced checkbook
3. downloaded a LEGAL Tori boot

#1 not as painful as I thought, #2 more painful than I thought, and #3 is about 10 years late (but better late than never).
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I'm wavering back and forth between tori-euphoria from the past week and horror about Katrina. The only thing that makes sense right now is listening to this
over and over and over.
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gone on vacation, be back in a week!
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what.the.hell. is the big deal about Pulp? I listened to some clips on amazon and they seem like david bowie wanna-bees. buzz buzz.

one day I should write a real entry.

eta: the IRS gave me 99 cents interest. cheap fuckers
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The IRS is returning $105 to me for being poor last year.

Tori is releasing live concerts.

This has been an odd day.
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tori ticket update:

toronto: 8th row center
cleveland: 10th row right
chicago: 6th row center
detroit: PIT, 4TH ROW!

thanks to [ profile] fastrada!!!
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tori ticket tally:

toronto: 8th row center
cleveland: 10th row right
chicago: 6th row center

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finally, a decent seating chart for chicago:
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Brussels highlights, including Peter Gabriel's Red Rain:

Melbourne highlights, better quality:
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Just found this bit on the Imogen Heap website about the Tori tour:

Read more... )

Her complaint about the exchange rate doesn't make sense... shouldn't it be cheaper for her to tour in the US? As in, her pound buys more dollars? And vice versa, it would be super expensive for a US artist to tour in the UK because US dollars buys fewer pounds. Does that make sense?
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I just swiped this from a post on the forumz, thought ya'll might find it interesting.

On a side note.....

I used to work for Ticketmaster and what a lot of people don't know is that we would sell the shittier tickets first than the better ones. They do that because they want to fill the venue. So they don't sell BEST AVAILABLE right away, like you may think. They scatter the seats. I waited until the afternoon of when the tickets for The Detroit Opera House went on sale, and ended up getting ROW H, (but got lucky and got pit tix). Also, they always release great seats a day, or the day of the concert. Last time I saw Tori at Meadowbrook, I got Row T way off on the left side and when I got to the venue, they had Row K right in the dead center available. Just a lil' secret for you all.
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perth highlights are here:

I was listening to Live to Tell over lunch with my niece sitting on my lap. About 30 seconds into the song she started to cry and said "I miss my mommy and papa". It was heartbreaking.

Portland update tonight!


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