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Queer as Folk is over. *sniffle*
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oh goody goody, my next Netflix is Jem and the Holograms Season 1 DVD. I lived and breathed this show in my prepubescent years... it'll be interesting to see it again.
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Fresh strawberries are delicious...especially blended with rum and ice. yum. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my jobs? I really kick ass at the accounting stuff. Numbers are my thang, baby. There are times when the office politics get me down, but it's always a learning experience. I need to re-read "how to win friends and influence people" for some inspiration. Which reminds me, I owe the library $20 in overdue fines. They are going to be able to start building my wing of the library soon. gah. I still enjoy working at Sunsinger, most days. Where else can I taste 5 different kinds of olive oil, just for kicks? There have been some scheduling issues lately and I'm sure they're not happy I can only work one weekend in June, but that's just how the cookie crumbles. A couple Sundays ago I sold a ton of wine, including a $75 bottle. It makes me insanely proud when customers ask for and listen to my opinion on wine. And I'm developing the talent to Lie Like a Bitch...which I only do after I've already pointed the 5 bottles of Merlot that I recommend and they still aren't satisfied. Please don't be so picky when you're spending $8 and taking up 15 minutes of my time. And no, we don't have wines from North Carolina, New York or Idaho. Mexican wine? It's called tequila, senor.

I just remember I never posted about my weekend. It was weird. Ran into an old friend on Saturday night. They only way I can describe her is that she reminds me of a pendulum swinging back and forth... every few years she hits an extreme angle and changes completely. Never known anyone quite like her. Maybe someday she'll find a happy middle. Saturday afternoon I went out to Allerton with my nephew and we hiked around the woods and threw sticks into the river and had a great time being 6 years old.

this drink is making me sleepy. i wish i had some pizza right now, it goes so well with american idol.


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