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Everyone keeps talking about SNOW.  I'm a wee bit jealous, although I greatly enjoyed my run this morning in the cool, crisp and CLEAN air (thanks to the rain storm yesterday).

I think I win.
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I've accomplished three things this weekend

1. re-pierced my ears
2. balanced checkbook
3. downloaded a LEGAL Tori boot

#1 not as painful as I thought, #2 more painful than I thought, and #3 is about 10 years late (but better late than never).
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somewhere I must find the energy to leave the apartment this weekend.  This week has been extremely draining.  The stress level around the office is sky high and I've been working 2-3 hours every night while I watch TV.  Granted, its mostly because I'm bored by the TV but even so... draining.

Last night was fun... I saw the Noisettes play at Ameoba with Joey.  Good stuff.  We ate at my favorite peruvian restaurant.   Inca Cola?!?  Strange and delicious.  Then I went home, took my muscle relaxant and collapsed.  I made a vague attempt to watch Capote, but I fell asleep before the previews were finished. Sorry, PSH, you'll have to wait till tonight.

I need new pants, as most of mine are tooooo big.   my spoon is toooooooo big. If anything can motivate me to leave the apartment, it's

oh fuck my ikea night stand just broke.
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Vet bill $132.  They gave her some active charcoal to prevent bacterial infection... cause apparently menstrual blood is full of bacteria!?!??   That sounded kind of bogus to me but I wasn't about to tell the vet not to take every possible action to make sure doggie is OK.   In general, I think these dogs are bored... their owners are much more active than me and probably play with them a few hours a day.    I guess I'm going to have to suck it up and start taking them for walks if I'm going to survive the next 8 days.  It'll be good for me....right??

Oh,and I don't get myspace.   It seems really, um, juvenile... but maybe I am missing something.  I got this message from "john" who seemed nice and friendly and normal...but when I went to his profile he loooked completely different than the photo in his message.  what the hell is that about?  

today: meeting, exercise, visit mom and see ava and lorren
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Just got a call from work saying "you know you're working tomorrow, right?". I had no clue, considering the last time I checked the schedule it said OFF. My psychic powers must be malfunctioning.

And. I think the memory card in my camera is fucked and all my pictures from the trip are gone.gone.gone.

But at least I have a job, a home, water, electricity, etc.
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so, the post office set up a zip code for the refugees in the astrodome. I'm going to try to send a care package today, things that will fit in a 8x11 envelope. So far I've thought of sending stuff like pens and paper. Any suggestions?

edited to add: EARPLUGS!!! It's gotta be noisy as hell in there.
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holy smokes, it's HOT out. It should be illegal to be this hot at 9am. I finished cleaning the junk out of my car and wiping down everything... now I must find the energy to go vacuum it. ick. Ya know, I never realized till recently that people can pay to have their car cleaned. I always thought "detailing" meant painting those tacky stripes on the outside of the car. I'm dumb sometimes.
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the weekend has barely started and i'm already sick of it. fuck. will monday come already?
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busy busy bee this weekend. I was originally going to the nin concert in chicago, but made a last minute change-of-mind and headed to st. louis instead. [ profile] spacey_girl needed some TLC and aimee and [ profile] lisakell were celebrating their birthdays, so why the fuck not? My co-conspirator was [ profile] jbbridge, the only one who knew I was coming. But first, I met [ profile] spacey_girl for dinner and commiseration. We had the perkiest waitress ever and some good margaritas. Then I headed over to stl to surprise the birthday girls. When I arrived everyone gave me the Biggest Hug Ever, which was awesome! I quickly realized they were drunk off their asses and had already been drinking for 3 hours. I love my drunk friends! I had fun hanging out and talking with all the usual crew, drank some killer old-fashioned drinks and danced danced danced. I'm really glad I went. The only downside was getting sick and passing out too early... then waking up early in the morning and throwing up some more. stomach bile, may I never see you again. blech. Eventually I pulled myself together and hit the road back to c-u, since I had to work at 1pm. I didn't have the time or energy to shower, so I was feeling kinda nasty. The drive was rough too...especially without any caffeine or food, but I made it and was only 15 minutes late for work. I did fine for most of the afternoon, but started feeling queasy around 4:30pm. It was only a matter of time before I was gonna puke again, so I left work, went home, and crawled into bed. I slept for about 45 minutes, then got up and left to meet jessica and angie. Jess got a job in west virginia and I really wanted to see her one last time before she leaves. We had yummy food (finally, my stomach cooperated!) and conversation for a couple hours, then I went home and crashed.

Today, we had mother's brunch at Jumers, which does a pretty good impression of an olde English hunting lodge. My niece and nephew admired the enormous deer head mounted on the wall and I got a kick out of telling them that the rest of the body was sticking out the other side. After a quick trip to Sam's Club to get supplies, we arrived home the same time my brother and his girlfriend did. Hours of food, eating and playing commenced... I was enjoying myself so much that when I looked at the clock it was 5 minutes after 6pm. FUCK! I was supposed to meet Ryan and Emily at 6pm for dinner...except I never actually told Emily when and where we were meeting. I am such a disorganized scatterbrain blondie fuckhead sometimes. I called Ryan, who called Emily and it turned out fine. we had a great dinner and conversation...sitting outside because the weather was/is gorgeous. I can't believe they are graduating in less than a week and moving away. I'm gonna miss those girls!

And now, it's sleepytime.


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