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somewhere I must find the energy to leave the apartment this weekend.  This week has been extremely draining.  The stress level around the office is sky high and I've been working 2-3 hours every night while I watch TV.  Granted, its mostly because I'm bored by the TV but even so... draining.

Last night was fun... I saw the Noisettes play at Ameoba with Joey.  Good stuff.  We ate at my favorite peruvian restaurant.   Inca Cola?!?  Strange and delicious.  Then I went home, took my muscle relaxant and collapsed.  I made a vague attempt to watch Capote, but I fell asleep before the previews were finished. Sorry, PSH, you'll have to wait till tonight.

I need new pants, as most of mine are tooooo big.   my spoon is toooooooo big. If anything can motivate me to leave the apartment, it's

oh fuck my ikea night stand just broke.
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why am I suddenly feeling like a failure, a fraud, a big fat loser...why now? success is a two-faced bitch.
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Just got a call from work saying "you know you're working tomorrow, right?". I had no clue, considering the last time I checked the schedule it said OFF. My psychic powers must be malfunctioning.

And. I think the memory card in my camera is fucked and all my pictures from the trip are gone.gone.gone.

But at least I have a job, a home, water, electricity, etc.
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why why WHY do I shop at Target? It always gets me into trouble. This time trouble was an $8 Trivial Pursuit pop culture DVD and a $14 Atari set (20 original games!). How could I pass those by? I also bought some cool stuff for my niece and nephew. Since I've been tracking my spending, I"ve started to realize how much money I spend on other the tune of $40/month. That may not sound like much, but it is for me. I should know better than to shop after work, especially since it's been a stressful week. shopping has always been a stress-reliever for me, but only in the short term. I really need to find something else.

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Found out today that I am being sent to training in Atlanta. *tomorrow* I knew about the possibility last week but the decision wasn't made until today. I don't even know when I'm flying because they are making plane reservations tomorrow morning. Guess I better pack tonight! This is superdupergreat and it'll be a great resume builder. And just this morning I was getting that restless feeling that I needed to GO somewhere. Of course, I'll be stuck inside for most of the time and won't be able to actually do anything fun but I don't CARE!
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I got tons of good mail today! Groovyblulicious package from [ profile] spacey_girl, another glowing [deliquent free] credit bureau report, and the Suze Orman "do your own will" cd I ordered last week. And I got a bonus of $46 from work for my "team" selling the most Apple Vacations. rawk.

What's for dinner?
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something is wrong with me. when I woke up this morning, I couldn't keep my balance very well and I started to feel dizzy right before I went to work. I started to get nauseous, so after being there for 20 minute I came home. I slept a bit and I feel better now, but if I move too quickly I get dizzy. wtf?
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Day one of South Beach and I'm already cheating... we are finishing off the bottle of Dom tonight. I had this same vintage the year of release (1999) and after 5 years and a lot of wine experience [read: drinking] I still don't like it very much. The difference is that I find it interesting, rather than blech. For the winos reading this, it has a very yeasty smell and tastes like the inhale of a really good cigarette. Hardly any bubbles. Overrated most definitely. After this glass, I won't be drinking for the next two weeks. It's a good thing my yoga class starts soon, I'll be needing peaceful vibes to keep from going crazy.

next week, I'll be the only one in the accounting office due to impending vacations and hysterectomies. It's our slow time of the year, so hopefully I can manage lots of training for the new software. I have a set of headphones for training since I sit out in the big open office area and I have been surreptitiously listening to woxy [kudos to [ profile] sadgirlseven].

I'm heading over to the bookstore to purchase something for my co-worker-soon-2B-sans-uterus. Hopefully something to entertain and amuse and generally distract from the ripping of "unnecessary" body parts. Growing old sucks.
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Fresh strawberries are delicious...especially blended with rum and ice. yum. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my jobs? I really kick ass at the accounting stuff. Numbers are my thang, baby. There are times when the office politics get me down, but it's always a learning experience. I need to re-read "how to win friends and influence people" for some inspiration. Which reminds me, I owe the library $20 in overdue fines. They are going to be able to start building my wing of the library soon. gah. I still enjoy working at Sunsinger, most days. Where else can I taste 5 different kinds of olive oil, just for kicks? There have been some scheduling issues lately and I'm sure they're not happy I can only work one weekend in June, but that's just how the cookie crumbles. A couple Sundays ago I sold a ton of wine, including a $75 bottle. It makes me insanely proud when customers ask for and listen to my opinion on wine. And I'm developing the talent to Lie Like a Bitch...which I only do after I've already pointed the 5 bottles of Merlot that I recommend and they still aren't satisfied. Please don't be so picky when you're spending $8 and taking up 15 minutes of my time. And no, we don't have wines from North Carolina, New York or Idaho. Mexican wine? It's called tequila, senor.

I just remember I never posted about my weekend. It was weird. Ran into an old friend on Saturday night. They only way I can describe her is that she reminds me of a pendulum swinging back and forth... every few years she hits an extreme angle and changes completely. Never known anyone quite like her. Maybe someday she'll find a happy middle. Saturday afternoon I went out to Allerton with my nephew and we hiked around the woods and threw sticks into the river and had a great time being 6 years old.

this drink is making me sleepy. i wish i had some pizza right now, it goes so well with american idol.


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