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I need to get some digital photos printed. Any recommendations on how/where I should go?
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Did you know you can get a FREE annual credit report from each of the three credit agencies?  Yup, totally free.  Each agency will give you a report once a year.  For me, the ideal way to handle it is alternate requests every 4 months (equifax in October, transunion in February, experian in June, equifax, in October, etc etc).  That way I will always have a recent report that could provide any identity theft problems or errors sooner, rather than later.   I set up a google calendar recurring event to remind myself.

There are a lot of scam sites out there, so be sure to use

Happy Weekend!!
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In Los Angeles, you can report people for wasting water.  I *heart* this crazy town.

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holey moses.   a woman's ovary popping out an egg. 
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Free, legal NIN album download HERE
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Interesting, to say the least. I have begun a regiment of ginkgo to aid with mental clarity and acuity. Kids are not made of cobwebs. I am a 34 year old college freshmen with two kids, an intelligent and gorgeous wife, and I feel like getting really drunk sometimes. I had a very interesting experience earlier this week in my English class. It was called “peer editing”, and I think I write better than my peers. You do to Penelope. There is the ancient Chinese proverb “May you have an interesting day”, and that isn’t always what we want out of life. When the shit fairy shows up, I usually wish for an unintersting life. But alas, my life is quite an adventure. I just found out that my family genealogy connects me to 4 different Mayflower compact signatories. The punchline is the 7 different ways that my family tree winds its way back to 4 different men. Apparently my family tree has fewer branches than I would have hoped. Whoa, and I thought double cousins were reserved for people in trailer parks.

Thank you for having an interesting life and blogging about it. I have to go take my second daily dose of Ginkgo Plus (made in China; may I have an interesting day hoping there isn’t too much heavy metal mixed into this product)

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[Poll #1124603]
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A thread over at MTF inspired me to collect my top 5 Tori shows.

1. Akron 11-28-1998 - Thoughts - Take To The Sky - Landslide (my request) - Purple People - Black Swan - RAINN auction winner for backstage passes

2. Indianapolis 11-30-1998 - Etienne (first time full version) - Flying Dutchman - When Sunny Gets Blue - Famous Blue Raincoat

3. Champaign, IL 1994 - first ever Tori concert, changed my life

4. Springfield IL 7-27-1996 - I'm on Fire - Butterfly - Landslide - A Case of You - Alamo - Whole Lotta Love - my first meet n greet and front row seat

5. Anaheim 12-15-2007 - She's Your Cocaine - Take Me With You
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The show last night was one of the better in recent memory, especially since she played Take Me with You for!  Well... probably not JUST for me, but I want my little fantasy, k?  We did the Platinum VIP package in Santa Barbara and I took my A Piano box for her to sign and told her it was a great comfort to me when I moved to Los Angeles and was homesick.  She said awwww and I could tell it meant something to her. I asked her if she could play Take Me With You be for the end of the tour and she said yes, definitely and wrote it on her hand.

We didn't have tickets for the show last night and there were SO MANY people trolling for tickets.  Seriously, it hasn't been that bad since the last show of the Plugged tour.   But thanks to Aimee's awesome timing, we snagged 2 for face value and then found a third for Jason for a few bucks cheaper than face. 

The show was GA and it was the best GA experience ever.  No pushing, clear view the entire time and Tori was so ON.    the venue allowed cameras and here is one of my better shots.
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Actual news:

I do not like the idea of my journal being on Russian servers.  Sorry, but no.  Damn, this sucks.

Here's another one.

Paulson said SUP plans to spend between $10 million and $100 million on the new LiveJournal in San Francisco.

Did I read that correctly?  Between 10 and 100 MILLION?  Hi Russian mob, nice to meet you.
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Everyone keeps talking about SNOW.  I'm a wee bit jealous, although I greatly enjoyed my run this morning in the cool, crisp and CLEAN air (thanks to the rain storm yesterday).

I think I win.
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I've accomplished three things this weekend

1. re-pierced my ears
2. balanced checkbook
3. downloaded a LEGAL Tori boot

#1 not as painful as I thought, #2 more painful than I thought, and #3 is about 10 years late (but better late than never).
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I love this posting about Ann Coulter. The comments cracked my shit up.


Oct. 10th, 2007 06:45 am
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This article is awesome. I wish I could've read and absorbed it 10 years ago.
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I just lost my virginity!


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